Simpson Consulting has been providing information and direction to thousands of Canadians for over 30 years in the following areas:  

If you are wondering what to do about any of the follwing difficult life situations, give us a call or email and we will help. You might find you don't quite understand or agree with advice you seek from various sources, then take the time to call us and we will try and make things clearer for you.                                                                                                            

We have vital information you can't find in a book, in a Notary/Law Office, or on the Net.

• Bankruptcy 

           No one likes to go Bankrupt. Maybe you don't have to do it at all. There are sometimes ways around it. If you must, then like any other important life decision, try and plan it so you there is less damage to you before you          are forced into a really bad situation. Unsure? Give us a call. 

• Consumer Financing: Homes & Vehicles & much more

           Many lenders advertise really low rates and almost automatic approvals. Beware of hidden costs. Retailers often sell very expensive insurances and warranties that are often not worth it. 

• Business: Start- ups, Inventory Control, Profit Margins

           It can be exciting starting a new business. It's really important to keep your costs down right from the start. Try and avoid"buying" new business. It takes about 3yrs to get a good cash flow.  

• Debt Management

           When you draw up a budget, add 20% for unknown costs. If you find yourself in financial difficulty beware of easy consolidation loans. It's often a ticket to disaster because the same issues that got you into trouble may still be there. Talk to lenders and try and work out payments. If you owe more than you can pay, concentrate on paying off some small bills first even if the interest rate is lower on those. It gives you a sense of accomplishment much earlier than paying a bit more on the larger credit cards.

Beware of using a 3rd party to make reduced payments, or negotiating through them with lenders. Often 1/3 or half of what you pay goes to the 3rd party, and your credit is still screwed for maybe 5yrs. You might be better to go bankrupt or just ignore your debts. Each case is difficult, but by taking the right course you can speed up your recovery or lessen your stress. 

• Senior Care Services: Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement, Finding the Right Care Home

           Seems like most of us are older with older parents. If you're lucky, you might find about 30% of your time is taken up helping loved ones. You find yourself being an advocate for them at drug stores, dentist, doctor's offices, hospitals, lawyers, other government agencies. It's a steep learning curve for most. The earlier you learn the ropes, the better served you and your family will be. Care homes come in all shapres & sizes & cost. Some state they have assited living, when they really mean, independent living. They may not have the staff to properly care for residents. It's a mess, with long waiting lists. By the time your loved one is at the top of the list for independent living, you might find they need assisted living or full care, which often means joining another long waiting list. Ask a zillion questions of each home, so you are prepared.                   

• Estate Management & Executor Duties.

           Wills are usually drawn up with the best fo intentions. If they are not updated, then you may find your parents wishes have changed but are no longer "fair". Designition of beneficiaries for pensions and investments also need to be updated. It's important to discuss everything with family before it's too late to change things, resulting in emotional and financial stress no one needs.  There are many misconceptions about managing an Estate and fulfilling the role of Executor. Professionals have books they work from, but we know things that may not be in their books, or in their interest. 


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